On the Frontlines of National Security

In his work as a policymaker, Richard Johnson ’01 draws upon skills he learned at CMC

She Saw Herself at CMC

Now Courtney Hooks ’23 thrives in small, liberal arts college environment

Where Trust Is Natural

At CMC, Adhitya Venkatraman ’22 has found a place to grow academically and experientially

Founding Father

Donald McKenna’s legacy lives on

Origin Story

CMC began in 1946 with one building, 15 acres, and great expectations

Early Faculty: Jacob Anton de Haas

Professor of international economics became a major promoter of CMC

The First President and First Lady

Dr. George C. S. Benson and Dr. Mabel Benson developed the intellectual framework for CMC

Big Dreams

Jimena Landa ’22 created her own internship with the Mexican delegation to the U.N. and joined the Model U.N. team

True Blue

Scott Akasaki ’98 landed a dream job with the Los Angeles Dodgers

Slam Dunk

Kate Parrish ’21 developed a work ethic and made lasting friendships at CMC

75 years of responsible leadership. During festivities for our yearlong 75th Anniversary, we plan to celebrate everything that has made Claremont McKenna College a revered and transformational liberal arts leader: most notably, our dedicated community of students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents, partners, and friends.

Through stories, archives, events, and shared investment, we pay tribute to 75 years of honoring CMC’s leadership mission, expanding opportunity for new generations of emerging scholars, and advancing innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning to take on the world’s biggest challenges.

CMC community, this is your website to come together, share stories, get involved, and explore the past, the present, and the bright future of our beloved institution.

Share Your CMC Story

Why is CMC special to you? Post your fondest memory and a photo. “Scroll down” memory lane with posts from fellow CMCers.


CMC Magazine: 75th Anniversary Edition

Enjoy the online version of CMC Magazine's history-packed 75th Anniversary double issue.


Get Involved with CMC

Explore opportunities for learning, mentorship, support and giving.


75th Anniversary Events

Join us for a year of special Anniversary events.


The CMC Digital Archives

The 2021-22 academic year will be spent commemorating the milestones of the last 75 years in monthly exhibitions that will focus on faculty, students, campus buildings, presidents, coeducation, research institutes, the role of veterans, and others.

Founding of a Men’s College

A look at the founding of Claremont Men’s College, from the seeds of an idea planted by the founders of Pomona College to its spartan opening in the shadows of World War II.


The Early Years of CMC

A look at CMC’s first 10 to 15 years as an academic institution with a focus on its early student body, inaugural faculty, and initial administration who helped pave the way for future successes, and the shaping of curriculum.


Transition to Coeducation

Examining CMC’s transition to a coeducational institution — with a focus on CMC’s Pioneers, the first female students — and an examination of CMC’s name-change process following the transition.


CMC Campus Stories

Highlights of campus life, life in dormitories, student activities, clubs, events, and unique CMC traditions over the years. How has life for CMC’s students changed over the decades? Which traditions have been phased out, and which have endured?


Presidents of CMC

An exhibition to showcase each of CMC’s five presidents through photos and biographical information. The exhibition will examine both personal and institutional accomplishments during their tenures illustrating how each left a lasting impact on the College.


Veterans and the ROTC

The role of veterans from WWII who were some of CMC’s first enrolled students and leaders. The exhibition will examine the early years of veterans housing, the formation of CMC’s ROTC program, and the Vietnam War era and campus protests of the 1960s.


Athletics at CMC

An examination tracing the history of Athletics from a joint program with Pomona to the inception of CMS Athletics, including key figures over the years, coaches and athletes, as well as highlights of individual programs.


Architecture and Public Art at CMC

A look at the growth of the CMC campus over the years, Architecture and Public Art at CMC highlights key building projects at CMC with brief histories of campus buildings and examinations of notable campus architects and public artwork.


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Take a spin through CMC’s past and present as we prepare for the next generation who will call CMC home!

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we thank you for playing an essential part of CMC's history. 

The 1946 Challenge kicks off today in our 75th Anniversary year! #CMC75
It’s time to honor our past, acknowledge our current moment, and inspire our future.

The goal during this two-day challenge is to reach 1,946 donors in 1,946 minutes…and we can do it!

In this video message, beloved CMC couple Jack Stark '57 GP'11 and Jil Stark '58 GP'11 remind us that every gift counts.

Every gift, no matter the size, positively impacts the experiences of CMC students - from technology to support for student opportunities and experiences, the Athenaeum, scholarships and financial aid.
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