Honor Our Leadership Mission

For 75 years, our mission has been to educate students for thoughtful and productive lives and responsible leadership in business, government, and the professions. Our signature approach to leadership, personal growth and well-being is a liberal arts education that emphasizes economics and political science.

  • We will honor our leadership mission by endowing our distinctive model for undergraduate education.
  • We will reinforce our applied approach to the liberal arts and deepen and broaden our intellectual rigor through support of faculty recruitment and retention, the development of powerful curricula, and multidisciplinary education through co‐teaching across differences in both perspective and expertise.
  • We will strengthen our institutes, expand support for faculty‐student research, and allocate greater resources to develop advanced literary and quantitative capabilities.
  • The value that we place on diversity derives directly from our mission; we must instill a respect for differences that will prepare our students to lead in increasingly diverse and globally oriented social, political, and economic environments by building on signature programs: the Athenaeum, the CARE Center, and the Open Academy.

CMC Stories: Leadership Mission

Stories highlighting CMC’s distinctive model for undergraduate education

All-Star Lineup

Ath’s Distinguished Speakers Series opens with Dr. Atul Gawande

Welcome Back to the Ath!

CMC’s treasured venue returns with prestigious fall lineup

Their CMC Bond Spans Decades

A grandfather and his grandson share an affinity for their shared alma mater

On the Frontlines of National Security

In his work as a policymaker, Richard Johnson ’01 draws upon skills he learned at CMC

A Bond Stronger than Time

As CMC has grown over the past six-plus decades, so has the friendship of Bob McCrary ’58 P’92 and John Poer ’58 P’90.

CMC as Launchpad

Hugh Hallman ’84 served two terms as mayor of Tempe, Arizona

Breaking Stereotypes

Christine Wight Huddleson ’91 served as first female president of CMC student government

Optimism for Empathy

Neuroscience major Allie Gould ’20 fell in love with philosophy and won a best paper award

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