Expand Transformative Student Opportunities

The CMC student experience abounds with opportunities for critical inquiry, research, discussion, engagement, and personal growth. From our research centers and institutes to the Soll Center for Opportunity, from internships to study abroad, students find inspiration to build their passions. As alumni, they take those skills and capabilities into the world, making an impact as responsible leaders.

We will expand transformative student opportunities

  • by recruiting the top emerging scholar-leaders on the basis of each student’s individual merit and potential to benefit from and contribute to our mission, regardless of financial need;
  • by removing financial barriers (beyond the cost of attendance) from the full CMC experience; and
  • by supporting the Soll Center for Student Opportunity in continuing to ensure all CMC students have every opportunity to thrive and succeed in their professional endeavors.

CMC Stories: Student Opportunities

Stories about transformative opportunities and the ways we ensure all students have access to them

She Saw Herself at CMC

Now Courtney Hooks ’23 thrives in small, liberal arts college environment

Where Trust Is Natural

At CMC, Adhitya Venkatraman ’22 has found a place to grow academically and experientially

Two Brothers, Two Paths

Amjad Khan ’01 and Ata Khan ’08 talk about their time at CMC and what they’ve accomplished since then

Big Dreams

Jimena Landa ’22 created her own internship with the Mexican delegation to the U.N. and joined the Model U.N. team

More Than He Imagined

CMC has given Carson Stubstad ’22 opportunities to explore his interests and take risks

A World of Opportunities

Global internships got Jefferson Chang ’22 out of his bubble for life-changing experiences

Here and Abroad

JaDa Johnson ’21 found the right community at CMC, and study abroad solidified her career aspirations

An Uplifting Community

Jeffrey Kim ’23 is developing academically, personally, and professionally at CMC

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